Kitty PSA

My cat is inconsistent about recognizing her need to eat and drink. If you are a cat owner then you will know how important this can be.

My veterinarian even stated that she suspected that it could be linked to feline dementia.

She (my cat I mean) is about seventeen now.

I say that because when we got her from the shelter she was estimated at around 11 years old. Now in people years she is closer to a hundred. This isn’t limited to older cats though, since cats would get their nourishment from their prey they can often forget to take additional nourishment in other forms. Mostly through drinking.

That means if you are feeding your elderly cat a diet of dry food you could be putting her at risk for dehydration.

Old cats need wet food because they tend to not drink enough water. This is in part because they have a decreased appetite & cognitive function.

If you have the feeling that you cat isn’t drinking enough you can monitor their intake. Measure how much is left in the bowl, or how much you add to their fountain in the morning. This, along with ensuring that they are eating a diet high in wet food, or exclusively wet food is important to maintain their health.