This site is a reflection of who I am, or at least how I see myself, thus the radical part. In truth I am just your average Knitho. See that picture on the left? That’s me. Pretty average right?

I began knitting, well, more years ago than I would like to think about and since then I have moved through a number of different stages in my work. Now, instead of complicated patterns and articles of clothing that are more fun to make than wear I have moved to a more relaxed state. What that means is that, even though my projects are smaller, simpler, and thankfully faster to knit they are backup with years of experience. And they provide me with a more rewarding sense of completion. This makes for a more enjoyable experience, and this comes out of my lack luster phase. That was the phase that almost convinced me to give up knitting. Or it had the chance to severely dampen my love for the craft.

Now I am sharing simple tips and techniques that are ideal for the beginner, though the pro will also get something out of the site. Especially, if they were like me and wanted to start the process over again.