This is a game changer

I remember when I first learned this trick. I was totally blown away by how simple and set how effective it was.

It you have spent any amount of time knitting, that is, if you have tried to complete a project that spans more than one ball of yarn then you will know that bridging can be a major hassle. In fact it is something that a lot of the knithos I know just don’t get right. They’ll be displeased with the lumpy bulge the produce when they transition into a new ball of yarn. It just doesn’t look right and then I show them my technique. Well, it is my technique now. I learned in a couple of years ago from a Lion Brand tutorial. And it is a seven step bridging technique that makes the whole process a lot less dramatic. In fact you will be able to transition colors and extend your yarn with an almost carefree ease that makes you wonder how you ever did it before you learned the Russian join.

Here is what you will be doing:

1. Thread a blunt needle with one end of yarn.

2. Work the needle through the plies of your yarn for a few inches. Don’t worry if this looks bunched up now.

3. Pull your working yarn through, leaving a small loop at the end. This is where the second piece of yarn will be attached.

4. Thread your needle with the second piece of yarn, then insert the needle into the small loop you created before.

5. Pull a few inches of yarn through the small loop.

6. Like you did before, work the needle through the plies of your second piece of yarn.

7. Give each strand a little tug to smooth out the bunching. You now have a secure join! Trim off any excess ends.

They have a lovely diagram that also illustrates the process so you will definitely benefit from that if you can’t visualize the technique.

This is probably one of the biggest concerns new knitters have when they start stretching out and trying to expand their skills. And if you have been using some other methods, even if you are satisfied with them, you should give this one a try. I do find it the easiest and more durable than the others that I tried.